Welcome to my Translation Workshop!

My name is Sanja Gjurova (Mladenovska), and I offer English to /from Macedonian translation and related services to a variety of clients across different fields of specialization.

I started my career as a professional translator, when I graduated at the Department of Translation and Interpreting (PiT), at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje, R. Macedonia, in 2005. I continued my education at the same Faculty in 2008, where I graduated at the Master Studies in Conference Interpreting in 2012.

Apart from this, I am an Authorized Court Translator/Interpreter, commissioned by the Ministry of Justice the R. Macedonia with certificate no. 13/2-54/2007-2 as of 2007 .

Since graduation, I have worked as a translator, both independently (as a freelancer) and as an in-house translator for a translation agency, and afterwards for a publishing house. Today I work only on a freelance basis which allows me to enjoy my work and devote myself to the art of translation without any constraints.

For additional information about my education and experience, my services and fields of specialization, how I work, and a detailed portfolio of my most recent projects, as well as sample translations, can all be found on this web page, so feel free to browse through it.

I look forward to hearing from you.